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Newton Heath is the original name of the famous Manchester United Football Club. Newton Heath L&YR was founded in 1878 and played their home matches on North Road in the Manchester district of Newton Heath. (the initials L&YR represented Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway which was the company the the players worked for and who were also the sponsors of the football team). During the first few years of their existence the team took part in friendly matches and in the 1983-84 season they entered the Lancashire Cup. In 1894 they entered the Manchester and District Challenge Cup and successfully played their way to the final of the competition. in which they were defeated by a score of three nil, their opponents being Hurst of Whalley Range. They continued to progress to the final of this competition five times in the ensuing seasons and lost only one of these finals.  Newton Heath Football Club entered the FA Cup in the 1886 - 87 season, and in 1888 entered the combination (a league comprising teams from the Midlands and North of England) as founder members.  In 1889 they joined a group of twelve clubs to form the Football Alliance, finishing eighth in the first season of the new competition. In 1892 Newton Heath were admitted to the first division of the football league, but were relegated to the second division at the end of the 1893–94 season. At the start of the twentieth century the club were struggling both on and off the pitch, and came close to financial ruin. John Henry Davies got together with a group of local businessmen and raised 2000 pounds which rescued them from bankruptcy. In 1902 the club was renamed Manchester United with Davies as its president. The teams colours were changed to to the now familiar Manchester United colours of red and white with black socks. Newton Heath football club had played in kits of several different colours including plain white shirts with blue shorts, and red and white shirts with blue shorts. However the colours most closely identified with Newton Heath FC  is the green and gold shirt which was also worn for away matches by Manchester United in the early years of the nineteen nineties. These colours have assumed even greater significance in recent years as symbols of the anti - Glazer protests by Manchester United supporters as shown in the wearing of Newton Heath  green and gold scarves and shirts at football matches.


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