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Newton Heath shirts were of several different colours at various periods, including all white shirts and red and white shirts. The Newton Heath shirt most closely identified with the club is the gold and green top, which was also worn as part of their away strip by Manchester United in the early nineteen-nineties. The shirt is divided up the middle into two halves, with one side green and the other side gold.   It has  long sleeves, which are similarly divided vertically into green and gold halves. It has green cuffs and green collar with black laces. The green and gold clolours are those of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, which was the company the players worked for and who were also the sponsors of the club at the time.  There has been increased demand for the Newton Heath football shirt by Manchester United supporters opposed to the glazer takeover of the club. Green and gold shirts and scarves are becoming an increasingly common sight at Manchester United matches.





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